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Natural Medicine Doctors cure emotional, mental and physical issues using non-invasive modalities to promote and restore health and wellness. They identify and remove obstacles by using therapeutic method and substance to facilitate and increase inherent self-healing process. The natural medicine doctors seeks to recognize and eliminate the root of causes of illness rather than to merely remove or suppress symptoms. Complex clinical problems caused by genetic and environment contribution,this means that we will experience the influence of illness in a manner that is also unique to us, so we will require a treatment plan that is personalized to our specific needs.

About us

Our mission is to enhance your quality of life by providing the most comprehensive healthcare in a caring and professional environment. We are dedicated to providing patients with individualized natural solutions –all appropriate natural methods may be used, from medication to meditation in order to facilitate healing. Our approach goes beyond just treating medical symptoms and into diagnosis of the underlying health imbalance that have triggered patient symptoms.

How we work

We integrate all modalities we practice into one consultation. Your first session consist of:

Assessment of your life patterns and daily routine.

A plan of action, consisting of health goals, lifestyle, exercise recommendations and dietary to correct your nutritional status if it is out of balance.

A comprehensive review of your major health concerns, a personalized herbal/nutrient supplement formulation and you will get your medicine at no cost.

Be advised in regard to the appropriate use of dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals as well as medicinal herbs

Be guided on natural detoxification, ways to support digestion and absorption, and the avoidance of environmental pollutants or allergens.

May recommend additional lab testing to help determine the underlying cause of your concerns, or we suspects an infection, nutrient deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances, through your GP or privately.

Please fill in a Health Assessment Questionnaire, keep a Food Diary for 7 days.

Highlight the symptoms you have in the Vitamin & Mineral Analysis sheet and send this information by email or post to me to arrive at least 2 days prior to the initial consultation to save your time.

Please download this document, fill them in and return them to

The document are in pdf format so you can open the file,  using fill and sign tab on the right side of the pdf and then click on me square

  1. Health Assessment Questionnaire
  2. Food Diary (7 days)
  3. Vitamin & Mineral Analysis (just highlight or tick the symptoms that you have on the left, don’t worry about the figures on the right)


Address:1200 Markham Road , Suite 306D ,Toronto


Appointments are available Monday to Thursday. Saturday and Sunday appointments are possible by prior arrangement.

A primary appointment includes discussion of your medical history, present concerns, analysis of your dietary habits and lifestyle (on the basis of the Health Assessment Questionnaire and the Food Diary completed and submitted to me 2 days prior to the consultation) as well as suggested treatment program and getting your medicine. The initial and follow-up appointments fee is $60.

At least three further monthly follow up consultations are generally recommended as this gives continuity to the treatment program, our therapeutic relationship and provides proper support for the periods in between the appointments. The more chronic and serious the condition, the longer it will take to re-balance your health.

Micro current therapy appointments are charged at $40.Payments by cash or card are both accepted and paid at the end of the session.


Please give 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Missed appointments will be charged at 40% of the normal cost.


phone number:647-704-7578

Get support to natural process to health, physical, emotional and mental

Full assessment 

Get your medicine at no cost

Gain your beauty naturally,

Improve your sub health status,

Reverse your health issues,

Slow your aging process